What is it?

Volunteer ServiceEach Month, I choose a segment of professions to donate free sessions to. These sessions are for a free 30 minute Relaxation or Deep Tissue Table or Massage Chair session. The idea is to give back to those who support and serve us as a society.

If you want to come in, (and you are in the industry of the month) schedule time through my online scheduling system.

How can you help?

Each Month in my newsletter, I offer WGB to one profession. If you want to stay in the loop and let your friends (or yourself) know which profession is coming up, you must sign up for the newsletter. Share the info with friends when you know someone who could be helped.

Nominate a profession!  Think you have a good idea on who needs some bodywork, and serves our community? Let me know.

Frequently Asked Questions (about WGB)

Is it free? Yes, the 30 minutes are absolutely free, and there is no obligation for anything further. My aim is to give back for these.

Should I tip? If you want to. I offer my time because I want to do some good in the world. I’ll happily accept tips, but honestly, I’d rather that if you really enjoyed the service, treat yourself to a full length session and let someone else know about me.

Do I need to undress? For the chair massage, no. For the table massage, its your choice how much you want to undress. I always suggest people undress to their level of comfort. You will be covered by clean linens except for the body region we’re currently working on.

Can I come in more than once for free? You can come in once per profession cycle. Since there are only limited times available for WGB, let someone else enjoy some complimentary bodywork as well. You’ll be sharing good karma and good will by letting your peers and coworkers know about this.

Why was I asked for a credit card? On the signup page, I DO require that you input your credit/debit card to encourage those who sign up, to actually show up. I value your time AND my time, and I would hope you do as well. In the event that you don’t show up and don’t give 24hr advanced notice, your card (on file) will be charged for a paid 30 minute session ($35). As an UPGRADE alternative, WGB clients may upgrade to a full hour by paying for 30 extra minutes (encouraged).

Where are the sessions held? All sessions will be held at my office unless otherwise specified.

What if I can’t make my session? Let me know via a call or text to (503) 339-8300 with at least 24 hours advanced notice so I can offer your spot to someone else.

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