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5 Element Health Makeover | Eliminate Candida NOW

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If you're reading this, more than likely you have 5 health related things that need to be dealt with that are the cornerstones of health.

1) The VAST majority of Americans are dehydrated: Drink more water.

2) If you work inside a building, you are likely Vitamin D deficient. Supplement with Vitamin D3 (high quality liquid drops work best.)

3) The majority of Americans ALSO do not breathe sufficiently. Focus on slowing down and start paying attention to your breath.

4) If you are eating a lot of starches, and sugars (The S.A.D. Standard American Diet), you more than likely have Candida issues that are manifesting as something else. Eat less starches and sugar, and more veggies and protein. (Consider doing a candida cleanse like GX Assist, followed by a good probiotic like PB Assist – These can be found at www.mydoterra.com/avibrantme/ )

5) If you were brought up in the U.S. you are more likely to have heavy metals that are toxic to your body. Do some research into the emotional/physiological effects of mercury, aluminum, and lead. Consider adding more cilantro to your diet, which can chelate mercury OUT of your system. Cilantro Essential Oil is even MORE effective at chelation. The protocol I use is 7 drops a day for 21 days. Cilantro Essential Oil (safe for internal use) can be found at www.mydoterra.com/avibrantme/


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