Side Effects of Essential Oils

Cartoon of sick manSo a few weeks ago, I awoke with a fever, and blisters were breaking out all over my lips. I will try not to get too graphic, but it was painful to open my mouth to eat.  I was already experiencing seasonal allergies, so this was just icing on the cake.  Classes started in a week, and I was feeling miserable.  I decided to start taking 4 drops of OnGuard (a doTERRA Essential Oil Blend) under my tongue morning and night, and putting lavender oil on my lips before bed, as I knew it was good for chapped lips.

It only took 2 days and my fever was down, my lips were beginning to heal, and a completely unintended side effect occurred:  My allergies went away.

Usually when people speak of side effects, they are in terms of what else can go wrong, not what can go right.  The most common side effect of using Pure Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils is that you get better in ways you hadn't intended.

Essential Oils are a plant's immune system, and they work the same way in humans.  They are not denatured and synthesized. Almost all of them are antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. They usually have all the compounds that attack disease, but in a buffered way that doesn't leave you with negative side effects.

That said, there is one more important thing we need to talk about:

Detox Reactions

Many people who have had years of using over the counter and prescription medications, and have not made the wisest of nutrition choices, and perhaps have a little extra body fat may experience some detox reactions from using essential oils if you begin to take them regularly. This is your body's natural desire and attempt to rid the body of built up toxins.

Fat (adipose) cells serve several functions in the body. One of the main functions is toxic storage.  You WILL have more bodyfat if you consume or apply much synthetic chemicals, or compounds your body sees as toxic.  

Essential Oils are lipophilic (fat loving), and easily pass through cell walls in order to rid individual fat cells of the toxins they hold.  Essential oils break down synthetic and toxic compounds, right in those very cells.  Then your body has the job of eliminating that waste product.

It is this process of eliminating the waste products that can be temporarily uncomfortable.  Your body can eliminate many ways – urine, feces, and through the skin (sweat).  Once your body is done detoxing, you usually feel better than you have in a LONG time. I know that was true for me, and for most I've known who began to take them regularly both internally, topically, and using them aromatically. 


Prescriptions vs Essential Oils

Comparing the side effects of Essential Oils and the side effects of prescription medications is a no-brainer for me.  Many have successfully transitioned off prescription medications completely, and have better health, and a fatter pocket book because of it.

Most prescription medications are derived FROM plants, and are the denatured synthesized versions of compounds found in Essential Oils.  When extracted from their natural form, dangerous side effects can occur.  Since Essential Oils ARE the whole compounds, they are generally safer, and a more effective alternative.

So why don't doctors know this? Why isn't your doctor prescribing Lavender Oil instead of <name your favorite prescription allergy medication>? Money. You can't patent nature. You have to extract and synthesize compounds. They can't make money off it, even if it is much more effective.  ONE dose of CPTG Lavender Oil can last for up to 3 days. I personally know a lady who has used it to stop a severe anaphylactic shock from her nut allergy.

This stuff works, and because it is effective in small doses, and for multiple causes, it IS more cost effective. Feel free to ask or contact me about HOW to replace your current medicine cabinet with natural alternatives.


The legal speak

Of course, everything above is based on my own knowledge and opinion. Please consult your physician before making any dietary or prescription changes.

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