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Clove Oil: Highest antioxidant known


Antioxidant Activity of Clove Essential Oil

Many foods and substances contain antioxidants which absorb free radicals (toxins). Scientists at Tufts University have developed a scale for the U.S. Department of Agriculture called the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) test. The higher the ORAC score is, the more capable that particular food, spice or herb is of destroying free radicals (antioxidant).

Essential oils have the highest ORAC scores of any known substance. According to the Essential Oils Desk Reference, 2nd ED., they are as follows:

Essential Oil (botanical name) ORAC Score

Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) 2,446
Juniper (Juniperus osteosperma) 2,517
Spearmint (Mentha spicata) 5,398
Lemongrass (Cymbopogen flexuosus) 17,765
Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) 24,157
Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamamum verum) 103,448
Mountain Savory (Satureja montana) 113,071
Oregano (Origanum compactum) 153,007
Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) 159,590
Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) 10,786,875

These essential oils are even more potent than fruits which are promoted as powerful antioxidants, such as blueberries, ORAC Score 2,400. The last six oils on this chart are even more powerful than Chinese wolfberries, ORAC score 23,300.

Clove is the champion of all, with an ORAC score over 10 million!! That means a drop of Clove Oil contains 400 times more antioxidants per unit volume than wolfberries, the most powerful of all known fruits, and a 15ml bottle of Clove Oil has the antioxidant capacity of 40 quarts of blueberries. The benefits of breathing, applying and taking clove essential oil internally are far greater than you can imagine.

Bottle of Clove Oil


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Lavender: The Oil of Communication

Lavender aids verbal expression. It calms the insecurities that are felt when one risks their true thoughts and feelings. Lavender addresses a deep fear of being seen and heard. Individuals in need of Lavender hide within, blocking all forms of true self-expression. While they may even be going through the motions of outward expression, they're actually holding back because the expression is not connected to the heart or soul.

Lavender supports individuals in releasing the tension and constriction that stems from fear of expressing one's self. Due to past experiences, they may believe it is not safe to express themselves. The true Self is therefore trapped within and goes unexpressed. Strong feelings of being unlovable, unimportant, or unheard accompany this condition. The individual's fear of rejection paralyzes their true voice and traps their feelings inside.

Lavender encourages emotional honesty and insists that we speak our innermost thoughts and desires. As individuals learn to communicate their deepest thoughts and feelings, they are liberated from their self-inflicted prison. It is through open and honest communication that an individual experiences unconditional love and acceptance. Through Lavender's courageous spirit, we are free to share our true self with others.

Suggested Uses: Place 1-3 drops on throat. Inhale regularly throughout the day.

Emotions Addressed: Blocked communication, Fear of Rejection, Feeling Unseen or Unheard, Constricted

Source: Emotional Healing with Essential Oils by Daniel Macdonald

Lavender Essential Oil

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Cinnamon: The Oil of Sexual Harmony


Cinnamon strongly supports the reproductive system and helps heal sexual issues. It assists individuals in accepting their body and embracing their physical attractiveness. Cinnamon dispels fear of rejection and nurtures healthy sexuality. It rekindles sexual energies when there has been repression, trauma, or abuse. It can also bring clarity to souls who struggle with their sexual identity.
Cinnamon also assists individuals in relationships where insecurities are shown by jealousy and control. It encourages the soul to let go of control and allow others to be free. Cinnamon can nurture strong relationships based on mutual love and respect.
Where there are other insecurities covered by pretense, façade, and pride, Cinnamon invites individuals to be honest and vulnerable, thereby allowing true intimacy to emerge.
Suggested Uses: Place 3-5 drops in a capsule or glass of water. Inhale regularly.
Emotions Addressed: Body rejection, Fear, Controlling, Jealousy, Sexual Repression